I visit to Tahiti yearn for Paul Gauguin. I saw the landscape what Gauguin would drew. I saw the people who Gauguin would paint. They love flower,music,dance. Bird singing, Time goes slowly. It's really the South Paradise.

Only one brewery in Tahiti. Hinano is a name of girl,a standard mane in Tahiti.
Hinano beer is light taste with little bit red yellow color. If Paul Gauguin is alive, he would drink and say "Mauruuru"(Thank you).

Bora Bora is so beautiful Island. White sand,nice breeze,colorful fish,deep blue sea...Hotel Bora Bora is also beautiful hotel.
It's not a coaster. But it's very rare, the lid of a glass.

The sun raise,bird wake me up,breeze take me to the shore. Tahiti Beachcomber Parkroyal is located in near the exotic city Papeete. It has beautiful tropical garden.

Hotel Sofitel is located in Maeva Beach. So it's called Sofitel Maeva Beach. You can enjoy Tahitian dance and Tahitian cuisine.

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