As you know, Okinawa is tropical southern Island in Japan. But Okinawa was not belong to Japan about 120 years ago. It was a individual country named "Ryu-kyu" which has it's own culture, music, language and others. Time goes by......I visit to many Islands of Okinawa from time to time. And Okinawa take my heart more and more. Come with me to charming Island Okinawa. Muy bien!

Lovely coasters of Hotel Nikko Yaeyama.
You can see colorful tropical fish in nearest seashore just like this coaster. Now, let's go and see it!

Another color coaster of Hotel Nikko Yaeyama. You can swim with this coaster at the pool bar. But don't drown!

Hotel Nikko Yaeyama is located in Ishigaki Island. Luxury hotel offers the highest standards of service.

Manza Beach Hotel is located in main Island of Okinawa. High grade service, present staff, and nice lookout.

Ola! Alivila is a resort hotel, look like Spanish style casa. Coaster says "El sol crea la felicidad". It means "The sun create a happiness". Located Zanpa cape.

Zanpa cape is a panoramic nice view point. And Okinawa Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel is located in there. You can fan tropical fish watching with grass boat.

Laguna Garden Hotel is located in Ginowan city,by the side of Futenma US Air force Base. It's a luxury city hotel.

Paddle is rooftop bar in Laguna Garden hotel. I drank a Vodka Lime. It was excellent.

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