"Bula"(Hi! Hello!) Fijian is very friendly, and Fijian loves Fiji Beer. Taste is light and very clear. Fijian also loves Caba. It's a kind of liquor made from tree root. Caba has no alcohol,but you can feel getting better.

"Totoka!" (beautiful) Blue Lagoon, Green palm tree and Yellow Sun set.Fiji is lovely resort Island. The Warwick Fiji is lovely Hotel too.

"Vinaka"(Thank you) Sheraton Royal Denarau Resort is present.Service is quality service. How do you find this Coaster? What das this like? It seem to be Coconut.

Hamacho is Japanese Restaurant in Royal Denarau. It's my kind of eating place. Do you like Susi, Sukiyaki, Tenpura? We eat Soba twice.

Sheraton Fiji Resort. that's it!
One night, We had diner and took a look at the Fijian Dance. It's exotic and romantic.

Date Line is a luxury restaurant in Sheraton Royal Denarau. You can enjoy excellent Fijian cuisine.

Jean-Michel Cousteau established the hotel which has his name "Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort" in1996. He is famous visiting underwater environmentalist. It's a lovely place.

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