Welcome to the Fantastic Coaster Islands Tour.
This is Captain Yougo Gonzalez Katori.
Please fasten your seat belt, preparation for takeoff.
We will take you to beautiful star dust Islands in few minute.
Now,we are air born.
Look under the sea. You can find 9,000 Coasters(Beer mats, Pub mats)
in those small coral Islands.

Departure at gate 007. Click on Islsnd name to go.
No.1 Island (My kind of Coasters. You will love it.)
There are Coasters What about No.1. Um..excellent
Southern Cross Island (Coasters of the Small Islands in South Pacific Ocean.)You don't want to leave there.
Sleepy Island (Coasters of Hotels. Famous Hotel,Small present Hotel........)Zzz.... If you getting to sleep, Come this Island.
Art Island (Coasters of art museum, artistic one)
Interesting! Hight quality!

Departure at gate 019. Click on Islsnd name to go.
Hungry Island (Coasters of Eating place.Restaurant, Susi-Bar...) Grumet must see....... Bon appetit.On Strike!
Bar Island (Pub mats of drinking place. Local, Salon,Nomi-ya........)
Toast, Kan-pai, I love ya. Always full with drinker. On Strike!
Souvenir Island (You can get Coasters for your memory.)
Ola Amigo. Take a look at Souvenir Coasters. You must be want it.
Thirsty Island (Coasters of Wine, Liquor, Soft drinks..........)
Come and Take a glass. Tasty beverage.On Strike!
Departure at gate 028. Click on Islsnd name to go.
Cafe Island (Coasters of Coffee shop, First food, Cafeteria........)
Let's take a brake. Take it easy. Relax.
Whisky Island (Pub mats of Whisky Distillers.) On Strike!
You could taste Scotch,Tennessee, Bourbon, and Japanese. Claro.
Zoo Island (Animal printed Coasters.)
Come and get Giant panda, elephant, giraffe....it's lovely.
X'mas Island (X'mas decorated Coasters.)
Merry Jory Sant Cruise, twinkle little star, Red nose Reindeer......
Departure at gate 035. Click on Islsnd name to go.
Beer Island@(Beer mats of Breweries, Beer hall.)Beer drinker must see. You could drink Ale, Draft, in the world.
Music Island (Pub mats of Drinking place where you can enjoy music.) Jazz,Chanson,Old days,Pops......um, it's cool.
Lost Island (I have no idea what coaster is this.)
Let me know what kind of coaster is this. Por favor.
Brand New Island (New born Island.)
Thank you my friend. They find a Coaster and send it to me.

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