I got a coaster coaster coaster coaster .
I knew what kind of coasters it is at that time.
But it was many moons ago. I can't remember now.
Where I got it? What kind of?
Can you tell me what is it?
Send me E-mail!

Buon Giorno
Italian Restaurant. Located in somewhere.

The Woolpack Emmerdale
What is this?

Three Horses Brand
Coaster says "Imported From Holland"
It's maybe a Beer, isn't it?

Coaster says "located in Madrid"
Is that a Bar?

I can't read. Russian Letter?
I get a mail from Mr. Christoph
He said '' It's not Russian, but in Greek.
It's an old grecian temple on the Acropolis
called ''Parthenon''.
Thank you Mr. Christoph.

A Hotel in Asia?

Wine House?

Restaurant in Paris?

Located in Heaven?

Can you read?
What dose it say?

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